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Author Guidelines

Rules for sending materials to the editors of the journal:

The editorial staff accepts articles up to 0.75 author's sheet (30 thousand characters with spaces), scientific reports up to 0.4 author sheet (16 thousand characters with spaces), other materials up to 0.15 author sheet (6 thousand characters with spaces).

To send articles you need to register on the site http://journal.asu.ru, or log in with your account and begin the process of sending, consisting of five steps.

It is advisable to duplicate the submission of articles to the address: doroninasv73@mail.ru (In the “Subject” section, please indicate: “To the editorial board of the“ Law” journal”). You must have an email address!

General requirements for publication formatting:

• Fields: left margin 3 cm, right 2 cm, upper 2 cm, lower 2 cm.

• Font and pins: Times New Roman Cyr 14 (main text) and Times New Roman Cyr 12 (header set and bibliography).

• Alignment: Width.

o Paragraph indent: 1.25 pt.

o Line spacing: 1 pt.

o Spacing between paragraphs: 0 pt (you do not need to increase the interval or leave blank lines between paragraphs).

Header complex (INDEXES, information about authors, title, annotations, keywords)

• Formatting the header set: 12 pt, italics, left alignment.

• The first line of the heading complex contains the indices of the UDC, the BBK and the GRNTI, as well as the VAK code.

• Next, skipping a line, you must specify in Russian:

- the initials and surname of the author;

- city and country;-

 article title (in capital letters); - annotation (not less than 200 and not more than 250 words),

- a list of keywords;

- information about the authors in the sequence indicated in the sample (see below): the position of the author, the name of the department and organization must be indicated fully, without abbreviations: for example, not St. Petersburg State University, but St. Petersburg State University.

• Then, skipping a line, the header complex must be duplicated in English.


Main text

• Tables and charts should not be used. If necessary, the schemes are attached each in a separate file. The text should contain references to the attached illustrations.

• Inside the main text, please use italics only to highlight textual examples. Key theses or semantic accents can be highlighted in a sparse font.

• Times New Roman Cyr 14, line spacing 1 pt.


Tip: you can make the font sparse in the “Word” editor using the “Font” menu (Ctrl + D - Advanced - Spacing - 2 pt).


Please do not put hyphens (-) where dashes should be. The dash should not be long (——), but short: - .


Tip: insert a short dash in Word, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Num- or through the menu (Insert - Symbol - Special Characters). The easiest way is to configure the autochange parameters (File - Parameters - Spelling - AutoCorrect parameters) so that two consecutive hyphens are always replaced with a dash.


• Be sure to use non-breaking spaces where necessary.


Hint: non-breaking spaces are placed using three successively pressed and held keys: Ctrl + Shift + space. When the option “nonprintable characters” is enabled (for this you need to press the button “display all signs”) non-breaking spaces are displayed by circles.



Non-breaking spaces must be placed between the initials and the last name (I. I. Ivanov), between the preposition and the word in the headings, between the number and the letter symbol, as well as in other places between elements that should not appear on different lines (for example, etc., etc., etc., XIX century, p. 210).








• Lists in the text of the article, please make out strictly in accordance with punctuation norms.




Hint: if there is a colon before the list, then in the list each item begins with a lowercase letter; at the end of the points is a semicolon, after the last point is a point; if there is a point before the list, then each item is listed with a capital letter, and at the end of each item is a period.


Registration of references and SECTION "LITERATURE"

• It is necessary to use only in-text links decorated according to the following standard: [Last Name: p.], For example: [Morrison 2007: 57].

• Page footnotes are not allowed. Notes (if necessary) can be decorated with end numbered endnotes.

• The “Literature” section is drawn up in accordance with the sample (see below):

- size 12;

- the initials and surname of the author in the Russian-language bibliography are in italics;

- only the necessary elements of the bibliographic description are indicated, publishing and volume in the pages do not need to be indicated;

- the sequence of elements of the bibliographic description is traditional (the author - the name - the city - the year of publication);

- the order in the list is alphabetical;

- references to electronic sources are made as follows: Ivanov I. I. To the foundations of the cognitive rhetoric of mass media. Ivanovo, 1968. URL: http://www.ivanov.ru/articles/cogn_123456.pdf.

 - the bibliography is duplicated in English with the transliteration of the name of the publication (see the sample below);



Below is a sample of the materials. To simplify the process of preparing the material, you can add text directly to this file. To do this, delete everything except the sample from the file, and use it as a template.


Attention! The editors ask the authors to carefully check the text before sending. We remind you that in the “Word” editor for this, in particular, you can use the spell check function. If the design of the text does not fully meet the requirements, the work will be sent to the author for revision.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered on this journal’s site will be used solely for the purposes indicated by this journal and will not be used for any other purposes or provided to other individuals or organizations.