Keywords: legal technique, presumption, fiction, efficiency of law-making, linguistic economy.


The article deals with the presumptions and fictions in relation to their technical and legal significance and the peculiarities of their capturing in the text of a statutory act. The case studies discussed in the article show that they can be captured both directly and indirectly in which case they can be identified only by interpreting text. At the same time it is noted that indirect presumptions must be transformed into direct ones for their better enforcement, and indirect fictions do not need this since no difficulties in their identification arise and this way of capturing is expedient for them. Fictions must necessarily be separated from negative fictitious phenomena since they as well as presumptions participate in the development of legal terms and due to their unique nature optimize not only legal regulation but also law-making work of a legislator thus contributing to linguistic economy, making the text of the statutory act concise, laconic and unambiguous all of which contributes to the compliance with the rules of legal technique imposed on it. Presumption in the meaning of an assumption with high degree of logical and historical probability is used not only in law but also in other sciences and everyday life where it functions as fiction by means of which the knowingly false is recognized as true in order to overcome the situation uncertainty and in order to propote normal development of social relations. Thus, presumptions and fictions are necessary elements of the text of a statutory act allowing to inform its sense to the addressees.


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Author Biographies

Anton Vasiliev, Altai State University

Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Head of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law

Olesia Zatsepina, Altai State University

post-graduate of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law


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