Keywords: civil legal proceedings, justice, law enforcement, legality, the European Court of Human Rights


The article deals with the interpretation of the concept of «justice» as a category of modern civil process from the point of view of philosophy, history, linguistics and law. The interpretation of the category of «fairness» in the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the problem of the application of this subjective category by the national courts of the Russian Federation is analyzed. On the basis of the analysis and generalization of law enforcement practice, there have been singled out blocks of theoretical and practical problems of the application of the category «justice» that arise in the legal proceedings in Russian courts. The article suggests ways to address them, as well as provides directions for improving current legislation and judicial practice.


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Author Biographies

Mikhail Bolovnev, Altai State University

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Labor, Environmental Law and Civil Procedure

Elizaveta Ruf, Altai State University

4th year student of the Law Department


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