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Valery A. Mazurov
Marya A. Starodubceva


The article is devoted to various aspects of the role of the volunteer movement in the system of countering extremism and the ideology of terrorism in educational institutions of Russia, on the example of higher educational institutions of the Altai Territory. The volunteer movement is one of the important institutions of civil society, it is a kind of the self-organization of citizens helping to achieve a socially useful goal. This article considers various forms of the volunteer movement related to the activities on the prevention of the ideology of extremism and terrorism among the youth. The importance of the functioning of such forms is reflected in the need for a full and comprehensive counteraction to these socially negative phenomena. One state, with all its wide possibilities, is not capable to successfully fight against destructive ideas in the conditions of the development of modern technologies, especially in a democratic and not totalitarian regime. Youth organizations play a decisive role in the prevention of extremist and terrorist manifestations in the youth environment. Moreover, the more independent, so to speak, grassroots, they will be, the greater the effect their activities should give. Therefore, the authors highlight the role of the voluntary movement in its various forms in the system of countering the ideology of extremism and terrorism in educational institutions.

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Mazurov, V. A., & Starodubceva, M. A. (2019). VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT IN THE SYSTEM OF COUNTERING EXTREMISM AND IDEOLOGY OF TERRORISM IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. Society and Security Insights, 2(2), 76-89. https://doi.org/10.14258/ssi(2019)2-5520


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