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Kulak, A. V., & Yakovlev, R. V. (2015). THE PROTECTED SPECIES OF LEPIDOPTERA IN THE LANDSCAPE RESERVE ‘ZVANETS’ (BELARUS). Acta Biologica Sibirica, 1(1-2), 94-106.


The article contains the data on distribution, population, habitats and phenology of 16 species of lepidopteran insects (Insecta: Lepidoptera), inhabiting the landscape reserve “Zvanets” (Belarus, Brest region) and listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus: Rhyparioides metelkana, Pericallia matronula, Callimorpha dominula, Arytrura musculus, Diachrysia zosimi, Chariaspilates formosaria, Scopula caricaria, Gagitodes sagittata, Lycaena dispar, Euphydryas aurinia, Eu. maturna, Melitaea phoebe, M. diamina, M. aurelia, M. britomartis, Coenonympha oedippus. The data conserning the habitat of Parnassius mnemosyne in the reserve are proposed to be considered unreliable. The study also provides the information on Polyommatus daphnis which had previously been a protected species.

It was found that the preferred habitat for C. oedippus, Ch. formosaria, Rh. metelkana, A. musculus, D. zosimi is fen mire. It is possible that for Rh. metelkana and A. musculus the reserve “Zvanets” is the key area concerning their preservation in Europe. On the background of the ongoing extinction of these two species in Europe and in connection with burning of vegetation practised in “Zvanets”, the further study of Rh. metelkana and A. musculus, it is particularly relevant for the development and implementation of action plans for their saving.

The widespread burning of vegetation on swamps affecting mineral islands (especially small ones) has negative impact on the Papilionoidea species. In larger forest areas which burn only fragmentary the Lepidoptera population is quickly restored in burnt places due to the resettlement from the areas not affected by fire. It requires the development of special protection measures for the Papilionoidea in the reserve area.

With the legalization of target burnings in the reserve “Zvanets” the best way out of this situation is the differentiation of ways to fight the bush encroachment and overgrowth of reeds. It is expedient to split the reserve into a number of areas which will be subject to burning alternately in different years. To localize the fire they must be separated by pre-cutting of the low dividing strips. To prevent any further damage by fire to the mineral islands and margins of swamps and dams the unwanted vegetation along the margins of swamps, near the channels and on the borders of swamps with mineral islands should be removed by mowing and cutting out where possible.

Key words: Lepidoptera, protection, Red Data Book, wildlife area, burning of vegetation, Belarus.
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