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О. Е. Ноянзина
А. А. Горбунова
С. А. Сарыглар


The aim of the paper is related to the evaluation of perception of the role of migration processes, role of migrants and ‘alien’ migrants in the Altai region. Empirical base are the data of sociological monitoring of interethnic relations in the Altai region (stage of 2017), n = 1200. Used methods of data collecting — formalized interviewing in households, respondents at the age between 18 — 75 years. In paper, authors used the following monitoring variables: subjective evaluation of the number of migrant in territory of residence, evaluation of effective migration policy measures, effects of the migrants, who stay in the region, personal relation to migrants. Conclusions are made about long and intensive migration processes in the Altai region. However, there is a complex of problem for migrants, including social and adaptation ones. These problems lay on the character of social moods of aboriginal population of the Altai region. The potential of the conflict with migrants belongs to the regional rural youth. Social moods of population of the Altai region are not definitely positive as in relation to the state migration policy as in relation to migrants themselves. Migrants are considered as having no any considerable input into economic well-being of the region, but having negative effect for the risk to public security, low and order.


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Ноянзина, О. Е., Горбунова, А. А., & Сарыглар, С. А. (1). SOCIAL CONTEXT OF MIGRATION PROCESSES IN THE ALTAI REGION. Society and Security Insights, 1(3), 134-150.


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