To the fauna of Geophilomorpha (Chilopoda) of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10239340

To the fauna of Geophilomorpha (Chilopoda) of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Altai State University, 61 Lenin Ave., Barnaul, 656049, Russia
Biodiversity fauna Krateraspis Mecistocephalidae Middle Asia new records Repetek Stenotaenia


Genus Stenotaenia C.L. Koch, 1847 is new to the fauna of the Middle Asia. The following taxa are new to the fauna of Turkmenistan: family Mecistocephalidae, genus Krateraspis Lignau, 1929, K. meinerti (Sseliwanoff, 1881), and genus Stenotaenia C.L. Koch, 1847. Genus Geophilus Leach, 1814 and G. lindbergi (Loksa, 1971) are new to Uzbekistan. All new records are illustrated. An updated list of the chilopod species dwelling in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan is provided.

doi: 10.5281/zenodo.10239340

Corresponding author: Yurii V. Dyachkov (

Academic editor: R. Yakovlev | Received 1 November 2023 | Accepted 16 November 2023 | Published 3 December 2023

Citation: Dyachkov YuV (2023) To the fauna of Geophilomorpha (Chilopoda) of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Acta Biologica Sibirica 9: 1073–1082.


Biodiversity, fauna, Krateraspis, Mecistocephalidae, Middle Asia, new records, Repetek, Stenotaenia


The centipede fauna of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan is still poorly studied (Muralewicz 1926; Zalesskaja & Schileyko 1992; Krivokhatsky 1994; Dyachkov & Nedoev 2021; Dyachkov 2022b; Dyachkov 2022c; Dyachkov & Bonato 2022). This paper provides some new faunistic records from these countries.

Materials and methods

Material is deposited in the ZISP (abbreviations below).

The standardized terminology follows Bonato et al. (2010). Locality data are given as on the original labels; additional information is provided in square brackets.

The pictures have been taken using an Olympus DP74 digital camera attached to an Olympus SZX16 stereo microscope. The distribution map (Fig. 1) was generated using SimpleMappr software (Shorthouse 2010).

Abbreviations: coll. – collector, fragm. – fragment, ZISP – Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg.

Figure 1.Distribution of Geophilus lindbergi (Loksa, 1971) (oval), Stenotaenia sp. (star), and Krateraspis meinerti (Sseliwanoff, 1881) (square) in Middle Asian countries. Kg – Kyrgyzstan, Pa – Pakistan, Tj – Tajikistan. White color – previous records, green one – new data.


Family Geophilidae Leach, 1816

Genus Geophilus Leach, 1814

Geophilus lindbergi (Loksa, 1971)

Figures 2–7

Clinopodes lindbergi Loksa 1971: 110.

Clinopodes lindbergi – Titova 1975: 309.

Geophilus lindbergi – Bonato et al. 2011: 197; Dyachkov & Nedoev 2021: 47; Dyachkov 2022a: 11.

Material. 1 male (ZISP chilo-64), [Uzbekistan, Bukhara Region], Bukhara [ca. N39°46', E64°26'], behind the Uglanovskie vorota [Uglon Gate], swamp, 7 April 1925, coll. M. Sokolov.

Distribution. Afghanistan (Loksa 1971; Dyachkov 2022a), Turkmenistan (“Kushka” [now Serhetabat, ca. N35°16', E62°20']) (Titova 1975), and Uzbekistan (new).

Remarks. Specimen has 53 leg-bearing segments.

This species and genus Geophilus are new to the fauna of Uzbekistan; present record is the northernmost range limit of the species.

Genus Stenotaenia C.L. Koch, 1847

Remarks. This genus is new to the fauna of the Middle Asia. Present record is easternmost range limit of the genus (Bonato & Minelli 2008).

Stenotaenia sp.

Figures 8–12

Material. 1 body fragm. (ZISP chilo-192), Turkmenistan, [Balkan Region], Ai-Dere [river valley, ca. N38°24', E56°44', Sunt-Hasardag Nature Reserve], 20–22 November [19]70, coll. unknown.

Remarks. Species identification is not possible due to absence of the rear body part.

Family Mecistocephalidae Bollman, 1893

Genus Krateraspis Lignau, 1929

Krateraspis meinerti (Sseliwanoff, 1881)

Figures 13–16

Mecistocephalus meinerti Sseliwanoff 1881a: 9; 1881b: 232; 1884: 73.

Krateraspis meinerti – Dyachkov 2019: 368; 2020: 79; 2023: 67; Dyachkov & Nedoev 2021: 44; Dyachkov & Bonato 2022: 149.

Tygarrup asiaticus Verhoeff 1930: 260.

Tygarrup asiaticus – Dyachkov & Bonato 2022: 149.

Material. 1 female (ZISP chilo-176), [Turkmenistan, Lebap Region], Repetek [N38°33'45", E63°10'38"], [date unknown], coll. Y. Bekman.

Distribution. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan (Dyachkov & Bonato 2022), and Turkmenistan (new).

Remarks. This species, genus Krateraspis Lignau, 1929, and family Mecistocephalidae are new to the fauna of Turkmenistan.

Figure 2.Figures 2–7. Geophilus lindbergi (Loksa, 1971): 2, 3 – front body fragment, ventrally and dorsally; 4 – forcipules and first segment, ventrally; 5, 6 – rear body fragment, ventrally and dorsally; 7 – 7–8th segments, ventrally. Scale: 0.1 mm (7), 0.2 mm (2–6).


At present, the chilopod fauna of Uzbekistan is represented by at least 28 species in 16 genera, 8 families, and 4 orders; while the fauna of Turkmenistan consists of at least 16 species in 11 genera, 7 families, and 4 orders.

It should be recognized that our knowledge of Middle Asian Geophilomorpha is still far from being complete.

List of the Chilopoda species occurring in Uzbekistan

Order Geophilomorpha

Family Geophilidae

1. Geophilus lindbergi (Loksa, 1971)

2. Pachymerium ferrugineum (C.L. Koch, 1835)

3. Taschkentia parthorum (Pocock, 1891)

4. T. bucharensis Verhoeff, 1930

Family Himantariidae

5. Bothriogaster signata (Kessler, 1874)

6. Polyporogaster porosa (Sseliwanoff, 1881)

7. P. turkestana Verhoeff, 1930

Family Mecistocephalidae

8. Arrup asiaticus (Titova, 1975)

9. Krateraspis meinerti (Sseliwanoff, 1881)

10. K. sselivanovi Titova, 1975

Order Lithobiomorpha

Family Henicopidae

11. Cermatobius kirgisicus (Zalesskaja, 1972)

Family Lithobiidae

12. Australobius magnus (Trotzina, 1894)

13. Bothropolys desertorum Lignau, 1929

14. B. ghilarovi Zalesskaja, 1975

15. B. lutulentus Verhoeff, 1930

16. Hessebius plumatus Zalesskaja, 1978

17. Lithobius crassipes L. Koch, 1862

18. L. javanicus (Zalesskaja, 1978)

19. L. krali (Dobroruka, 1979)

20. L. praeditus Zalesskaja, 1975

21. L. turkestanicus Attems, 1904

Order Scutigeromorpha

Family Scutigeridae

22. Scutigera asiatica Sseliwanoff, 1884

23. Thereuonema turkestana Verhoeff, 1905

Order Scolopendromorpha

Family Cryptopidae

24. Cryptops doriae Pocock, 1891

25. C. hortensis (Donovan, 1810)

Figure 3.Figures 8–12. Stenotaenia sp.: 8, 9 – front body fragment, ventrally and dorsally; 10 – forcipules, ventrally; 11 – clypeus and labrum, ventrally; 12 – 6–7th segments, ventrally. Scale: 0.1 mm (10–12), 0.2 mm (8, 9).

Figure 4.Figures 13–16. Krateraspis meinerti (Sseliwanoff, 1881): 13, 14 – front body fragment, ventrally and dorsally; 15, 16 – rear body fragment, ventrally and dorsally. Scale bar: 0.2 mm.

Family Scolopendridae

26. Scolopendra canidens Newport, 1844

27. S. cingulata Latreille, 1829

28. S. mirabilis (Porat, 1876)

List of the Chilopoda species occurring in Turkmenistan

Order Geophilomorpha

Family Geophilidae

1. Geophilus lindbergi (Loksa, 1971)

2. Pachymerium ferrugineum (C.L. Koch, 1835)

3. Stenotaenia sp.

Family Himantariidae

4. Bothriogaster signata (Kessler, 1874)

5. Polyporogaster geminata (Silvestri, 1895)

6. P. porosa (Sseliwanoff, 1881)

Family Mecistocephalidae

7. Krateraspis meinerti (Sseliwanoff, 1881)

Order Lithobiomorpha

Family Lithobiidae

8. Hessebius barbipes (Porat, 1893)

9. L. icis Zalesskaja, 1978

10. L. juniperius Zalesskaja, 1978

11. L. vinciguerrae Silvestri, 1895

Order Scutigeromorpha

Family Scutigeridae

12. Scutigera coleoptrata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Order Scolopendromorpha

Family Cryptopidae

13. Cryptops hortensis (Donovan, 1810)

14. C. caucasius Verhoeff, 1934

Family Scolopendridae

15. Scolopendra canidens Newport, 1844

16. S. mirabilis (Porat, 1876)


I am grateful to Viktor A. Krivokhatsky (ZISP) who loaned the material. I also express my gratitude to Mariia A. Iuzhakova (Tomsk, Russia) who kindly checked the English of the draft. The reported study was funded by state assignment of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (project FZMW- 2023-0006 “Endemic, local and invasive arthropods (Arthropoda) of the mountains of South Siberia and Central Asia: a unique gene pool of a biodiversity hotspot”).


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