The diversity of microorganisms inhabiting the sludge tanks of Baikalsk pulp and paper plant (BPPP)
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Malnik, V. V., & Suturin, A. N. (2017). The diversity of microorganisms inhabiting the sludge tanks of Baikalsk pulp and paper plant (BPPP). Acta Biologica Sibirica, 3(3), 32-38.


The wastes from the Baikalsk pulp and paper plant, including the by-products of the plant’s bleaching unit are stored in the special disposal reservoirs in the form of a sludge-lignin, which consists of lignin, polyacrylamide and flocculants. Here, we report on microbiological composition of sludge-lignin: we detected fungi hyphae, actinomycete hyphae, long and short rods as well as coccal forms of bacteria. Interestingly, despite the diversity of bacterial, cyanobacterial and fungal communities no noticeable destruction of lignin was observed. We recommend to use specific chemical compounds and microbiological agents for destruction of sludge-lignin.
PDF (Русский)


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