Silica-scaled chrysophytes of Lake Baikal


silica-scale chrysophytes
Lake Baikal

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Bessudova, A. Y., Domysheva, V. M., Firsova, A. D., & Likhoshway, Y. V. (2017). Silica-scaled chrysophytes of Lake Baikal. Acta Biologica Sibirica, 3(3), 47-56.


The list of silica-scaled chrysophytes of Lake Baikal has been enlarged using electron microscopy. It has been supplemented with 12 species and 2 forms. Spiniferomonas takahashii has been observed for the first time in the water bodies of Russia. According to our data, the list of silica-scaled chrysophytes of Lake Baikal includes 25 species and intra-species taxa: Chrysosphaerella – 3, Paraphysomonas – 2, Clathromonas – 1, Spiniferomonas – 7, Mallomonas – 8 and Synura – 4. We have also analyzed their seasonal dynamics and observed algal species that are dominant in spring, summer and autumn.


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