Morphometric study of hybridogenic species in Veronica subgenus Pseudolysimachium (Plantaginaceae)


PCoA analysis
Veronica spicata and related species
Veronica × altaica
Veronica × kolyvanensis
Altai Mountains
South-Eeastern Europe

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Kosachev, P., Novikova, V., Pfanzelt, S., Schöngart, S., & Albach, D. (2018). Morphometric study of hybridogenic species in Veronica subgenus Pseudolysimachium (Plantaginaceae). Acta Biologica Sibirica, 4(2), 47-52.


We demonstrate the results of morphometric investigations of hybrids in Veronica subg. Pseudolysimachium (V. × altaica Kosachev und V. × kolyvanensis Kosachev et Shmakov) and their parents. Based on PCoA analysis with seven morphological characters, we reveal an intermediate position of the investigated hybrids and the most important taxonomic characters: ratio of length and width of the lamina of the upper leaves, height of plants, length of the longest corolla lobe and calyx lobe, presence of hairs on the calyx and their position, as well as the length of hairs on the internode below the inflorescence.


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