Biodiversity of silica-scaled chrysophytes in tributaries of northern limit of Lake Baikal
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silica-scaled chrysophytes
Kichera River
Verchnaya Angara River
Angarskiy Sor Bay
Northern Baikal

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Bessudova, A. Y., Firsova, A. D., Tomberg, I. V., Sorokolikova, L. M., & Likhoshway, Y. V. (2018). Biodiversity of silica-scaled chrysophytes in tributaries of northern limit of Lake Baikal. Acta Biologica Sibirica, 4(3), 75-84.


Complex algological and hydrochemical studies were performed in July 2017 at the mouths of Upper Angara and Kichera rivers, as well as three mouths of Angara-Kichera estuary — Dushkachanskoye, Srednee and Dagarskoye, which supply water to Lake Baikal. The species diversity of scaled chrysophytes was studied via scanning and transmission electron microscopy. A total of 31 species and intraspecific taxa were detected: Chrysosphaerella — 1; Paraphysomonas — 2; Spiniferomonas — 8; Mallomonas — 14; Synura — 6. As a result, the list of scaled chrysophyte species in the Baikal region was extended by 3 taxa and currently includes 76 species and intraspecific taxa, thus making its diversity of scaled chrysophytes the highest in the world.
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