The genus Alchemilla L., 1753 (Rosaceae) in the Tyva Republic (Russia, Southern Siberia) flora
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Alchemilla; checklist; key; lady’s mantle; Southern Siberia

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Chkalov, A. V. (2019). The genus Alchemilla L., 1753 (Rosaceae) in the Tyva Republic (Russia, Southern Siberia) flora. Acta Biologica Sibirica, 5(1), 33-43.


Based on revision of the principal herbarium collections of Russia, 34 Alchemilla-species in the flora of Tyva Republic were registered. With a high probability we can expect the detection of another species (A. krylovii). For the first time, 20 species were registered for the region. A. inversa, that was described from this territory, and, moreover, A. pachyphylla, which had not been taken into account in earlier review by mistake, were also included in the list. For three species (A. aperta, A. bungei, A. dasyclada), cited earlier on the basis of erroneous definitions, the presence in the territory of Tyva was confirmed. Three species (A. rigescens, A. monticola, A. rubens), noted in previous reviews, are proposed to be excluded from the list due to redefinition of samples. Nomenclature citations, the data on the distribution of species in the natural areas of Republic, their preferred habitats, on their occurrence, an appurtenance to the groups of ecological and chorological elements. A key for species included in the list was constructed.
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