On peculiarities of the ground spider fauna (Aranei: Gnaphosidae Pocock, 1898) of the Altai Mountains
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ground spiders; South Siberia; Mongolia; fauna; zoogeography; endemism

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Fomichev, A. A. (2019). On peculiarities of the ground spider fauna (Aranei: Gnaphosidae Pocock, 1898) of the Altai Mountains. Acta Biologica Sibirica, 5(1), 147-160. https://doi.org/10.14258/abs.v5.i1.5351


A checklist of 114 species in 15 genera of the Gnaphosidae recorded from Altai Mts is provided. A level of endemism and taxonomic composition of the Altai fauna are compared with those of other mountain regions of Northern Eurasia. A significance of the Altai Mts as a center for species diversity of several gnaphosid genera is evaluated. Comparative data on species diversity and distribution of ground spiders across different regions and altitudinal zones of the Altai Mts are provided. Regional gnaphosid faunas of the Altai are compared. A high level of endemism and its possible causes are discussed.

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