Algae-pollen monitoring in Altai Biosphere Reserve (Altai Republic, Russia)
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Altai Biosphere Reserve
algae-pollen spectra
primary biological aerosols

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Mitrofanova, E., Kuriatnikova, N., Malygina, N., & DemberelО. (2019). Algae-pollen monitoring in Altai Biosphere Reserve (Altai Republic, Russia) . Acta Biologica Sibirica, 5(2), 60-67.


The results of study of primary biological aerosols (pollen and algae spectra) in the precipitation deposited on the territory of the Altai Biosphere Reserve (Altai Republic, Russia) from July to October 2017 are presented. In the analyzed samples, 28 taxa of pollen grains and algae were revealed. Using of the HYSPLIT model the main regions-suppliers of pollen and algae on the area of Altai Biosphere Reserve for the specified period were determined.
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