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А. С. Жанбосинова
С. Г. Максимова
Д. А. Омельченко


The article focuses on the analysis of activity of ethnic cultural associations, revealing their role in formation of inter-ethnic relations in the social space of the Altai territory on the base of results of sociological survey, conducted in 2018. Several important conclusions are made on the results of the research, concerning the activity of ethnic cultural organizations in conditions, defined by the actual state of inter-ethnic relations in the region, the level of trust towards activity of civil society structures, efficacy of State policy on nationalities. The analysis of institutional conditions of inter-ethnic relations, necessary for effective realization of goals of ethnic cultural NGOs in the region, most of which demonstrate high level of satisfaction, is likewise presented. It was found that the efficacy of autonomous ethnic cultural organizations (AECO) is largely depends on social cohesion and readiness of people to organize themselves in defense of their ethno-cultural interests. The results will be useful for elaboration of effective measures of forming positive inter-ethnic relations in the region.

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Жанбосинова, А. С., Максимова, С. Г., & Омельченко, Д. А. (2019). ETHNIC CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS AS A BASIS FOR INTER-ETHNIC RELATIONS IN A TRANSBORDER REGION OF RUSSIA. Society and Security Insights, 1(4), 93-103.


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